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Our Mission
1.  Complimentary Enterprise 4.0 Business Optimization Solutions
The Alliance subscribes Enterprise 4.0 Business Optimization Solutions for its members on a complimentary basis with the objective to optimize business operation of innovation parks from various perspectives
2.  Youth Entrepreneurship
Assist youths and young generation entrepreneurs to launch new businesses and / or advance their careers through our platforms
3.  International Exchange
Facilitate promotions and interactions between innovation parks and the international market
4.  Soft Power
Enhance the soft power of innovation parks in order to attract new enterprises to join thus increasing the gross profit and tax contribution of innovation parks and enterprises. 
5.  Business Volume
Boost the business volume of innovation parks and respective enterprises
6.  Go Global
Align with One Belt and One Road Initiative by assisting parks and respective enterprises to become international
7.  Foreign Investment
Attract and facilitate foreign investment into China
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Our Advantage
1.  Facilitate Interactions
Innovation parks within our network can share their experiences and information with each other
2.  Increase Fundraising Opportunities
Increase fundraising opportunities through our network
3.  Understand International Trends
Understand global trends by obtaining updated news and market information from various industries of international innovation parks.  
4.  Facilitate International Exchange
Interact with representatives from other international innovation parks; learn from their successful experiences and best practices to optimize operation. 
5.  Utilize Enterprise 4.0 Business Process Optimization Solution
Optional access to the wide array of Enterprise 4.0 Business Process Optimization Solution services as a support to increase soft power
Our Resources
Through our Alliance, members enjoy the opportunity to establish relationships with corporations from different industries that are beneficial to your park's strategic development. With the Alliance acting as a bridge, members can further establish relationship with service providers relevant to your park’s strategic development. The access to our wealth of resources can assist to fulfil your park’s strategic goals and access to our resources pool to fulfil your strategic goals.
Business Operation
Enterprise 4.0 Business Process Optimization Solution
1. Venture Capital / Seed Funding / Angel Funds
2. Investment Banks
3. Law Firms
4. Accounting Firms
Park Development
1. Architectural Design Companies
2. Contractors
Information Technology
1. Artificial Intelligence Companies
2. Big Data Companies
3. Blockchain Companies
4. Internet of Things (IoT) Companies
5. E-commerce Companies

Total Area:
approx. 1,070 million sq. m
Overall Investment Amount:
approx. RMB 169.6 billion
Total Number of Enterprises:
approx. 2,270 enterprises




Enterprise 4.0 Business Process Optimization is an integrated business solution which facilitates businesses in ways such as providing market intelligence, human capital, brand building and training solutions. The increase in innovation park’s soft power appeals to quality enterprises to station in the parks. It helps enhancing the soft power of innovation park and thus attracts more high-quality enterprises to station in the park.
Strategic Business Consulting Through Market Intelligence
By analyzing the comprehensive market conditions in the international market, companies can gain more extensive and in-depth market information for their businesses decisions for making business decisions, so that they can so as to achieve better branding, higher sales, easier recruitment and retention of talents.
Brand Building Through
Focused Media Coverage
Through media and advertising, the platform introduces the latest policies, subsidies and reward programs to bring in international talents and attract more businesses to launch in China. In addition, companies can promote their products and services to potential customers, attract potential sales inquiries, and establish reputation among potential customers in the international market.
Customized Recruitment Services For
International Talents
With integrated recruiting services, enterprises can directly communicate with international talents and university students. No matter how many job seekers are hired, enterprises are not required to pay for each successful employed candidate. They can establish employer profiles which highlight their brands to attract international talents.
Corporate Training
Human resources training materials which are well recognized and up to international standard are provided by professional consultants. Training methods include mobile app e-learning, one-on-one training, group training, and seminars. Companies can choose the suitable training method according to their needs. With the mobile app for e-learning, training can be conducted at any time during or after office hours, reducing time and saving costs.
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