Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone

发布日期:2018-11-13 14:42
Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone, located in the south of Nanning City and the southwestern end of Wuxiang New District, was stablished in September 2012, the total planning area is 3.83 square kilometers, has the Function and policy advantages such as “bonded, tax refund and tax exemption” that benefit manufacturing centers, R&D centers, and International Trade Centre. NJCBZ aims to become a Free Trade Zone , and focus on the development of three major industries. Including “service trade”,“goods trade” and “high-end manufacturing”.we have built five industrial development platforms,Including “Financing lease industry development platform”“Bonded exhibition& trading platform”,“Cross-border e-commerce industry park”,“Cultural trade base”and“Advanced manufacturing base”. The total investment is about 1.5 billion yuan.
China-ASEAN (Nanning) cross-border e-commerce industrial park is an important carrier for Nanning to establish a national e-commerce demonstration city. The Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone is centered on the China-ASEAN (Nanning) Cross-border E-Commerce Industrial Park, strengthening the cross-border e-commerce industry's self-operated production, logistics customs clearance, financial services, incubation, marketing, information technology and other comprehensive capabilities. It helps improve the ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce industry, which will gradually build a demonstration base for cross-border e-commerce service industry. The park makes a full use of information technology and adopts the model of “online platform + offline park” to achieve cross-border trade e-commerce convenient customs clearance, reduce enterprise customs clearance costs and shorten customs clearance time. The business enterprise customs declaration and inspection
By providing one-stop service of customs declaration and inspection, it promotes the synergy of cross-border e-commerce online platform and offline park.