Ordos Airport Logistics Park

发布日期:2018-07-20 11:35
The Ordos Airport Logistics Park is located in the core area of the National Hohhot Economic Belt and the Hohhot Economic Zone in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is an important part of the Ordos core area. Ordos Airport Logistics Park is a modern service industry industrial park with multiple functions and industries. The total planned area is 121 square kilometres with a cumulative investment of 152 billion yuan. Infrastructures such as water, electricity, road, transportation and natural gas are fully completed with supporting facilities like education, medical, financial and leisure facilities. From now on, the park will focus on the development of “3+4+N” industry, focusing on the three leading industries of aviation, logistics and comprehensive bond, together the four related industries of intelligent manufacturing, life and health, information technology and modern services.