Wuzhou Zhukang Pharmaceutical Logistic Project

发布日期:2018-06-14 17:02
Wuzhou Zhukang Pharmaceutical Logistic Project is one of the operation projects of Jining Modern Logistic Park. The construction area is estimated to be 2.1 square meters, with 1.2 square meters used as a pharmaceutical distribution logistic warehouse, the warehouse started to operate in 2015. The warehouse mainly operates Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medical beverages, Chinese patent medicine, raw chemical materials, chemical preparations, raw antibiotic materials, antibiotic preparations, biochemical drugs and biological products. There are 6 pharmaceutical chain stores and over 100 pharmaceutical stores under this project, the delivery service of its pharmaceutical products has spread all over Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia. Up till the end of 2017, the total sales has reached over 88.7 million yuan.